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i couldn't understand why kris was a traitor but luhan is ok but one of onion's replies when the news of kris first broke out "There are bad times, and there are worse times. There would be a lot less heat on him if he left after the tour than if he’d left a few days before. There would be a lot less heat on him if he had left months before the tour than few days before." i'm asumming that's why people's reactions to both cases are different, despite both having pretty much the same reasons.


i’m so glad i’m not an exo stan right now. i’m so indifferent to the whole thing. i wonder whats going to happen with exo now ;_;


EXO - 140921 Composer Tina Wang’s weibo update: “第一次在首爾,今天在北京,不同的是即使歸屬韓國製造的韓團,EXO卻在一開始就設計有中國團員唱中文歌,讓中國有才華的孩子有舞台,努力的正規培訓教育後一躍成名成為真正的大明星,也讓寫詞即將13年的我開拓音樂新視野,將中文藝術傳遞到世界很多角落又唱回家鄉,今晚真是特別感動又震撼!”

Translation: “The first time was in Seoul, today in Beijing, EXO however was planned from the start with Chinese members singing Chinese songs, giving talented Chinese kids a stage, working hard under a structured training programme to eventually become famous and become a proper celebrity, and also let me who has written songs for 13 years broaden my musical horizon, spreading Chinese arts culture to many corners of the world and bringing it back home, today I was exceptionally touched and awed!”

Credit: 王雅君.

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